Spotlight on our members - Trevor Pugh

​When I tried to talk with Trevor last month I found a challenge. Being a nurse I'm a people watcher I knew Trevor would be able to converse but when I wanted to interview him his voice box was under repair! I was up for this challenge and so was he. Thank you, Trevor.

​Trevor has belonged to Tripe Club for 3 years and has eaten Tripe all his life he likes any tripe so long as it has onions in it. Trevor is a long-time resident of Birkenhead married 63 years to Gweneth and is now widowed, he has lived in the same house and had 2 sons, and has 2 Grandsons in Christchurch, he has enjoyed 88 years doing 5 employment activities each one lasting for at least 10 years, had 4 visits from the big C and now has a voice with the use of an electronic device. ( hence the box was under repair when I tried a vocal interview 🙂)

​Trevor is a man of the sea, a retired Motor engineer/skipper engineer on tugs and ferry boats and for the last 20 years, he has practiced as a chartered natural therapist providing Aromatherapy / Electro Acupuncture/ IFAS High-frequency Therapy, Massage, and homoebotanical therapy all this interspersed with skippering charter boats between times. Trevor describes his hobbies as doing anything that needs repairing and lawn bowls.

Trevor's favourite holidays of the past, present, and still are Japan, Canada, and the Coromandel Coast. 

Trevor always greets me with a smile, he is the epitome of a man who can overcome and still smile. 

-Angela A

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